FreeWeigh.Net V5 the enhanced networked quality control system

Wednesday 7 March 2007

Let FreeWeigh.Net talk to you and be informed at any time

The new FreeWeigh.Net V5 - METTLER TOLEDO’s networked quality control system - is now available as new and greatly enhanced release!

It provides a wide range of new functionality in addition to several detail improvements, which further enhance quality control in production and user convenience.

Among many others, FreeWeigh.Net V5 offers the following new features:

  • Time Controlled Sampling provides built-in timers, which allow predefining the required sampling pace on the produced packages. This new functionality automatically alerts the users in the case that a random sample is due and ensures completeness and full traceability in the data acquisition process.
  • Interfaces to network controlled Digital I/O controllers enhance the already existing and outstanding online alarm systems of FreeWeigh.Net with the possibility to activate signaling equipment, such as light poles or audible signals. Furthermore it is possible to realize closed-loop control of filling processes based on the FreeWeigh.Net adjustment algorithms.
  • Further great improvements were made in the user convenience on PC based testplace terminals, such as METTLER TOLEDO ID30 and also in the data integration of METTLER TOLEDO Garvens CheckWeighers.

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