Ecolab Launches Poultry Export Program with Inspexx® 150

Friday 11 November 2011

Ecolab has launched a Poultry Export Program featuring Inspexx 150®, a peroxyacid-based antimicrobial food additive for treatment of poultry carcasses, parts and trim.

Inspexx 150 is a direct contact food tissue treatment that reduces levels of Salmonellae, Campylobacter, Escherichia coli and total bacteria on poultry surfaces, and can help U.S. poultry processors meet the unique microbiological and chemical requirements when exporting products to Russia.

Ecolab offers Inspexx 150 as part of a complete food safety program that supports manufacturers through integrated, plant-wide solutions. These solutions include innovative products and programs, resources on regulations and response protocols, training and education as well as HACCP, BRC, and SQF Audit programs, all backed by best-in-class service and a network of industry experts.

"Poultry producers face many challenges including increased reporting and regulations, as well as magnified incidents of food safety," said Timothy P. Mulhere, senior vice president and general manager, Ecolab Food & Beverage North America. "We are committed to helping our customers meet these challenges, expand their poultry exports and improve the quality, safety and productivity of their operations."

Applied through spray rinsing and chill water, Inspexx 150 is FDA cleared for direct contact to poultry carcasses, parts and trim. Inspexx 150 is a single chemical system that is compatible with processing equipment, part of a complete line of Ecolab antimicrobial food tissue treatments that help control foodborne pathogens and spoilage microorganisms on food surfaces.

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