DuPont™ Light Stabilizer 210 sun protection for plastics

Wednesday 27 June 2007

Putting Science to Work: DuPont Conducts Nanoscale Materials Projects

To evaluate the effectiveness, flexibility and practicality of the Nano Risk Framework, announced on June 21 with Environmental Defense, DuPont conducted demonstration projects on three different classes of nanoscale materials: a new titanium dioxide-based product, carbon nanotubes and zero valent iron.

A new titanium dioxide-based product, called DuPont™ Light Stabilizer 210, which is designed as sun protection for plastics. An announcement about this product and its commercial availability will be made in the near future. Not all of the particles in this product fit the specific definition of nanomaterials, since a significant fraction is larger than the threshold 100 nanometer size. However, this material proved to be a good test of the Framework's methodology. The Framework helped DuPont develop a comprehensive exposure and hazard profile for this material prior to commercialization.

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