Dri-Fresh® Resolve absorbent display surface for meat products

Tuesday 7 August 2007

Dri-Fresh® Resolve is the ultimate absorbent meat presentation surface. Three years in development, Resolve is a unique and highly developed product offering exceptional 'Meat Saver' characteristics which completely eliminate meat discolouration. It also extends further to control the surface moisture of the meat, which ensures that the underneath looks as fresh as the top. Resolve can be used as absorbent pads in retail packs through to display counters.
Resolve is composed from non-GM corn starch film thermally laminated to a fully compostable FSC cellulosic absorber.

Dri-Fresh® Resolve is manufactured using a unique, proprietary process without adhesives or bonding materials and is available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit.

Resolve will decompose quickly in landfill and therefore supports consumer sensitivity to food packaging. Unique highly developed presentation surface providing exceptional ‘Meat Saver’ properties and surface moisture control
Fully bio-degrades in landfill or home composters
Next generation absorbent technology
Can be used in retail packs or display counters
Full range of absorbencies to meet your requirements
Manufactured in BRC/IoP accredited facilities and RAPRA approved for direct food contact

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