DNA Embedment and Authentication for Secure Ink for Consumer Products

Wednesday 12 September 2007

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc., a DNA security solutions company, announced that Dr. James A. Hayward, Chief Executive Officer, presents at The Future of Ink on Packaging conference September 11-12 in London, England. Dr. Hayward’s talk, entitled “DNA Embedment and Authentication for Secure Ink for Consumer Products,” addresses the growing demand for product security and demonstrate how the use of APDN’s SigNature™ DNA Markers can help combat counterfeiting and piracy.
APDN’s platform for DNA embedment uses unique DNA “chimers” derived from botanical sources. These SigNature™ DNA Markers are highly resistant to reverse engineering or replication and can either be applied independently or to supplement other security taggants in order to allow for a forensic level of authentication. Inkjet Ink
and thermal transfer ink marked with SigNature DNA can be used to apply lot numbers, barcodes and covert markers, protecting packaging and products from counterfeiting and theft and providing a way to monitor and track products as they go from factory to retail. In addition to being used with standard or specialty inks, APDN’s SigNature™ DNA Markers can easily be integrated with RFIDs, optical memory cards, intaglio inks, adhesives, dyes, watermarks, barcodes, security threads and other commonly used security measures, adding an additional layer of security which is difficult to overcome.

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