Delvotest Accelerator: antibiotic residue testing in milk

Wednesday 25 April 2007

DSM innovates with new Delvotest Accelerator

The Delvotest Accelerator automatically incubates and scans the plates and ampoules containing milk samples, sending the results directly to a database to allow quick, convenient and easy analysis. Thanks to its new technology, the Delvotest Accelerator’s fully-automated system provides rapid and consistent results and reduces the risk of rejections due to human error. It also decreases the number of stages in the milk testing process, compared to using traditional water baths, cutting costs while increasing both output and profitability.

“The Delvotest Accelerator is the first of its kind and represents a real advance for the milk testing industry”, comments Freek Crum, business manager, DSM Food Specialties. “By collaborating with customers, we have been able to respond to major issues and develop a product which offers guaranteed traceability, ease of use and a testing time of just 100 minutes – all key benefits for milk control stations. The results of positive field trials mean we can be confident of the Delvotest Accelerator’s future success”.

Delvotest is recognised around the world as the gold standard in antibiotic residue testing in milk.

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