CrushPak®: food that can be eaten "on-the-go"

Tuesday 19 December 2006

What is Inveratek Crushpak® Technology?

In May 2003 Inveratek began commercial development of a revolutionary packaging technology for viscous foods such as yoghurts, ice cream and condiments and sauces.

The challenge was simple: to update the fundamentally old technology currently used to package dairy and other viscous food products by focussing on the 21st century consumer's increasing demands for convenience and food that can be eaten "on-the-go". The result was CrushPak®.

Inveratek under took extensive market research to establish if our basic concept would meet the needs of consumers. What we found gave us the confidence to develop our concept into a series of prototype products which showed tremendous potential and were enthusiastically embraced by industry professionals.

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