Coors Light Promises No More Warm Beer with the New Cold Activated Bottle

Friday 25 May 2007

“When drinkers choose Coors Light, they're looking for refreshment. The Cold Activated Bottle is designed to ensure that drinkers experience the coldest, most refreshing beer possible,” said Andy England, chief marketing officer for Coors Brewing Company.

According to Coors Light research, consumers want to know when their beer is cold enough to drink. To meet that need, Coors Light introduced the Cold Activated Bottle, which features mountains on the label in Thermochromatic ink that turn blue when Coors Light has been chilled to the perfect temperature for ice cold refreshment. The Cold Activated Bottle is available on all 12-ounce Coors Light and Coors bottles at participating bars, restaurants, grocery, convenience stores and liquor stores.

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