Continuous Cryogenic Solution for Meat Freezing, Chilling and Slicing

Wednesday 27 June 2007

Air Products, the leading cryogenic gas, equipment and services supplier, has launched the Freshline® TRS freezer, a continuous cryogenic solution for freezing, chilling and slicing of meat products. The freezer has been designed especially for continuous crust chilling of both cooked and fresh products, prior to slicing or filleting.

The freezer has recently been successfully launched in Spain, where it is now in use at five different sites, crust freezing both fresh and cooked meat products. Customers in Spain include the major retailer Carrefour.

Anne Callens, Air Products’ European business development manager, Food and Cryogenics say: “We designed and developed the Freshline TRS freezer in consultation with our customers. During its development, formations, shapes, food types, handling concerns and product safety were all considered to help achieve the highest product quality while the product temperature is rapidly and significantly reduced. We have been very pleased with the positive response from our customers in Spain and are now looking forward to launching the products across the rest of Europe.”

The Freshline TRS freezer preserves the shape of the product by hardening it before slicing, thus maintaining the product’s integrity. It also provides manufacturers with improved quality and texture.

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