Company hails design breakthrough for industrial HPP system

Thursday 27 May 2010

A design breakthrough on a new high pressure processing (HPP) machine has resulted in a more compact, affordable and easy-to-install system for small and medium-sized producers, said manufacturer NC Hyperbaric.

The Spanish company said its Wave 6000/120 HPP system, launched at the recent IFFA trade show, is the first industrial system in the world to fully integrate two independent intensifiers inside the equipment. This means the machine has no external cabinets or modules. The Burgos-based firm said it considered a machine with a processing capability of at least 500kg per hour as an industrial system.


As well as reducing its footprint, the innovation also means the system can be integrated more easily into existing production lines with less connective wires and tubing, Francisco Purroy, technical sales manager at the company, told

“Until now, high pressure equipment needed external cabinets for the high pressure intensifiers, and that was impacting footprint and ease of installation,” he added. “This industrial machine is basically brought into the factory in one piece; it has nothing outside its frame, and can be started up very quickly. It also has a reduced footprint.”

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