Chitosan and MAP system could extend fresh pasta shelf life

Monday 9 August 2010

New research has shown that a combination of modified atmosphere packaging, chitosan and a high barrier packaging system can act in synergic way to control the quality loss of fresh pasta during refrigerated storage in terms of microbial and sensorial parameters.

The authors, in findings published in the International Journal of Food Science and Technology, found that high shelf life value of pasta packed in a high barrier PET, EVOH and PE based multilayer film under MAP for over 17 is a result of the film’s ability to maintain the initial modified headspace conditions during the entire storage period.

Due to the increasing consumer demand for high quality food that does not rely on the use of chemical additives for preservation, scientific researchers have been focusing on methods of shelf life extension for perishable foods using modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) or natural compounds with antimicrobial properties such as chitosan.

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