Bottle Switch™: Less than a minute to change a mold

Friday 10 September 2010

The market is asking for faster: faster production, faster speeds, faster mold changeover... Sidel answers the call with its new quick format changeover system, the Bottle Switch™.

Sidel launches the Bottle Switch™, the new Sidel-patented quick format changeover system. The initial goal is to improve blow molder flexibility by reducing the mold changeover time in order to adapt to faster product changeover times on the filler: less than a minute to change a mold. This flexibility helps reduce machine downtime and therefore improves TCO. It is also a solution that helps customers avoid investing in storage silos or intermediate palletization.

The principle involves a simple, semi-automatic solution that places the required blowing station right in front of the operator. Easier unlocking of the mold support units ensures automatic opening. The operator just has to change the molds and removal/installation in the mold support units is done tool-free.

The results are an easy-to-use system with no tools, optimal ergonomics, increased safety and a 50% decrease in machine downtime. On an SBO 20 Universal2, for example, full format changeover is now 18 minutes “bottle to bottle” for a single operator, instead of 33 minutes for two operators with the previous system. This changeover consists in replacing the shells, body and mold base as well as the stretching thrusts.

This new system is proving highly attractive: about 15 Bottle Switch™ systems have already been sold. This new system is available in Options & Upgrades for all the most recent generations of SBO Universal blow molders and will be available by the end of 2010 for all SBO Series2 and Combi machines.

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