Bio-Degradable & Compostable Absorbent Packaging

Wednesday 28 March 2007

3 years in development, Dri-Fresh® Resolve is the ultimate meat presentation surface. Uniquely constructed with proprietary technology, this fully bio-compostable solution completely eliminates surface discolouration for red meats. Ideal for display counters or meat packs, these pads will compost in less than 60 days.

Dri-Fresh® Resolve is just the first product from the next generation of smart absorbent packaging technologies currently under development here at Sirane.
  • Full bio-degradability and bio-compostability tested by RAPRA
  • Cellulosic materials derived from FSC sources complete with non-GM bio-polymeric layer
  • Unique highly developed absorbent presentation surface providing exceptional 'meat saver' properties and surface moisture control.
  • Slit Rolls or cut pads / shapes available with a range of absorbencies to suit your requirements

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