Bemis and Plantic Announce Agreement to Provide Renewably Resourced Flexible Films

Wednesday 26 December 2007

Bemis Company, Inc. announced today that it will partner with Plantic Technologies Limited (LSE:PLNT), an Australian company specializing in starch-based biopolymers, to develop and sell renewably resourced flexible films using patented Plantic® technology.

The alliance between the two companies will result in the co-development of new flexible packaging materials based on Plantic® bioplastic resin developed using high-amylose corn starch for use as a component of or as a stand-alone structure in flexible packaging products. Targeted applications for the new films will include flexible packaging for personal care and dry goods.

"Bemis shares customers' and consumers' concerns about sustainability and environmental impact," states Henry Theisen, Bemis President and Chief Operating Officer. "We also understand that while sustainability is desirable, consumers don't want to give up the convenience and safety offered by current packaging. We feel that in working with Plantic, we will be able to build on the current environmental efficiency of flexible packaging. The Plantic partnership will provide material options that further encourage long-term sustainability and responsibility without sacrificing the quality and functionality our customers have come to expect from Bemis films."

This agreement also enhances existing efforts by the Bemis Company to provide sustainable solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of packaging materials by increasing in-plant processing speeds, reducing packaging bulk, reducing shipping weight, improving efficiency throughout the distribution system, and ensuring food safety.

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