BASF Forms Exclusive Partnership with Agion to develop packaging material with natural antimicrobial protection

Wednesday 6 June 2007

World-Leading Producer of Styrenic Copolymers Partners with Agion® to Develop Luran S Featuring Natural Antimicrobial Protection

Agion Technologies Inc., a leading provider of silver-based antimicrobial solutions, announced that it has formed a multi-year, exclusive partnership with BASF AG, Germany, one of the world’s leading producers of styrenics, to develop and commercialize styrene copolymers, including BASF’s Luran S product line, that will feature Agion’s naturally-safe, antimicrobial technology. BASF’s copolymers are used in a variety of markets such as household appliances, automotive, cosmetic packaging, building and construction, and consumer electronics. The partnership is initially focusing on the European market, but a global rollout is envisioned in the near future.

“Our partnership with Agion gives us the ability to address the increasing demand from our customers for antimicrobial solutions,” said Dr. Peter Wolf, Head of Global Innovation Management, Specialty Polymers & Specialty Foams. “The unique product attributes of Agion’s natural, silver-based technology coupled with its expertise in partnering with leading organizations to introduce new products from development to commercialization make them the ideal partner.”

The incorporation of Agion antimicrobial technology into plastics inhibits microbial growth on the surface of products. The technology provides continuous protection from microbes by releasing silver ions to the surface of the product at a slow and steady rate. This allows for the long-lasting protection of the product against the damaging effects of microbial growth. BASF’s Luran S is an all-purpose plastic that offers UV stability, good chemical resistance, stability and thermal shock resistance. Luran S is used in a variety of applications and can be found in many different final products including sanitary equipment, building & construction, appliances, computer/communication equipment, cosmetic packaging and recreational equipment.

“BASF recognizes the consumer draw for our natural, antimicrobial technology,” said Ginger Merritt, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “This partnership demonstrates our ability to partner with world-class organizations like BASF and continues to solidify our leadership position in antimicrobial technology.”

Agion’s antimicrobial technology has been approved for food and water contact by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and EFSA (European Food Safety Assn.) and is listed as an indirect food contact substance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Agion’s product is also a notified existing substance under Directive 98/8/EC on European Biocidal Products Directive (BPD).

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