Ball Packaging Europe presented innovative containers for new hip drinks

Thursday 30 November 2006

Sparkling wine

Rich Prosecco in the Ball Packaging Europe 200-ml aluminium can has been celebrated as the new in-drink this summer in all hip magazines. Not least thanks to the jet-set queen, Paris Hilton, who having been won over in summer 2006 as advertising ambassador for the sparkling wine in the can, made the innovative beverage popular at celebrity parties. ...


The world’s first twin can has also been initially launched on the Austrian and German markets this year - as an innovative container for the new Conelly Cocktails. In the Twin Can, cocktails become convenience products and are now even ideal for consumption on the move.....

Cappuccino cocktail

A new cappuccino cocktail is utilizing a Ball Packaging Europe can: "Café Kiss“ is a cappuccino drink with a lacing of vodka which was launched on the United Kingdom market in the 200-ml Slimline can in the spring of 2006. A capsule (widget) inside the can ensures the typical cappuccino froth head when the can is opened....

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