Arla Foods ”On-the-Go” with Tetra Top Carton Bottle

Wednesday 25 July 2007

In May, Arla Foods in Sweden launched six “On-the-Go” products in Tetra Top Carton Bottle; Pucko Ischocko (milkdrink with chocolate flavour), Smoothie Jordgubb (strawberry smoothie), Smoothie Hallon (raspberry smoothie), Latte Kaffe Vanilj, Latte Kaffe and Latte Cappuccino (coffee drinks).

From Plastic to Tetra Top Carton Bottle
The six products where previously packed in plastic bottles but as production was to be moved to another dairy Arla Foods decided to make the shift to carton bottles. The benefits now seem quite clear - Tetra Top carton bottle is a good choice for products positioned on health, “On-the-Go” and environment.

The conversion from plastic to carton is a success. The result is well over forecast and the consumers like the new environmental friendly profile.

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