‘Original’ MAP process boosts quality and flexibility

Thursday 19 August 2010

Improved food quality and greater flexibility are claimed for what the manufacturer ARPAC-Hefestus describes as an “original” method of applying Modified Atmosphere (MAP) to a preformed tray or cup.

The APOLLO SLB Rotating MAP Sealing Machine can also be used with aluminum foil containers, glass and plastic jars and even pails and buckets.

“SLB is unique to other MAP technology in that it does not use a mechanical vacuum system to achieve oxygen residual levels of .5% or less,” the company’s president Greg Levy told “These levels, in the past are usually achieved only by using a vacuum pump.”

No-vacuum process
The key feature of the machine is SLB’s no-vacuum process. “This essentially allows us to work with absolutely any food product no matter how delicate or sensitive. Typically, mechanical vacuum pumps would destroy foods with high moisture content or intricate designs,” said Levy. “SLB overcomes all of these challenges and to date, it is being applied to items such as fresh cut fruit, sushi, soups, salads, pastas, sandwiches, escargot in addition to fresh meats and cheeses which are more traditional MAP applications.”

Any food can be treated by the SLB process provided it is in a preformed, rigid container.

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