Aerial conveyor said to ensure efficient handling of fragile goods

Monday 7 June 2010

A single point of transfer from loading to discharge is claimed to make the new multi-axis, overhead Gough Elecon bucket conveyor and elevator system suitable for applications requiring gentle handling in bakery and confectionery manufacturing.

handling systems developer Gough Econ told this publication that the Elecon, also known as the Go Anywhere Conveyor, which is aerial to reduce factory footprint, ensures product integrity right through to the packaging stage.

The system, he explained, uses cantilevered buckets that move vertically, horizontally and can turn any direction up to 90° without having to transfer the load being conveyed.

Leitch said the system can handle a variety of products from raw material ingredients including wheats, oats and fruit through to mixed dried and toasted fragiles to packaging.

According to the VP of sales, this conveying equipment eliminates loss or spillage associated with conventional single line conveyor belts and the efficiency gains significantly boost ROI for processors.

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