Advanced Dynamics: a hygienic stainless steel version of its friction feeder

Monday 12 March 2007

The company has been selling KoRa-Packmat friction feeders for many years, but this is the first time that it has introduced a food variant. Simple to operate, trays for dispensing are placed onto a conveyor which then allows them to be filled with sliced food. The trays can be filled with a variety of food products including slices of cheese, vegetables and cut meats, all at a controlled feeding rate.
The system then feeds the filled plastic trays through to a packaging machine for over-wrapping with a transparent or re-closable flow pack.
In a recent German cheese installation the machine was able to attain a massive 100 cycles per minute.

The LB-2 friction feeder is ideal for feeding almost any flat product which, in addition to food trays, can be used for beer-mats, plasters, DVD inserts, software and numerous related items.
Depending on the size, the feeding rate can be set at up to 800 products per minute and owing to its compact design, the friction feeder can be integrated into most production lines.

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