Adding glucose in a continuous process

Tuesday 27 March 2012

We have supplied a number of machines to one of the most modern sugar factories in Rumania to optimise their production process. For this optimisation we supplied among other things two big bag unloading stations, two screw elevators, an inclined screw conveyor and a dosing screw.

The installation consists of two set-ups in which the big bag is hoisted up and connected dust-free to the feed tank of the screw elevator. The sugar discharged from big bags into the screw elevator is lifted by a screw in the screw elevator to a sugar storage tank. One of the two screw elevators
is fitted with an extra inlet, to which a dosing screw is connected, so that via this inlet glucose can be added to the main stream of sugar in the required ratio.

This glucose dosing unit is in turn supplied by an inclined screw system. The dosing system is fitted with a filling cabinet with a capacity of 25kg/hour. The bottom of the big bag unloading stations consists of a moving frame for “massing” the big bag to promote product flow.

Van Beek looks after everything
We supplied the complete turn-key installation, including the switching technology section of the line. The staff of the sugar factory only had to connect the air extraction to the filling cabinet and put the plug in the socket!

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