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Dry ice cleaning

Dry ice blasting is a dry, cold (-80°C), mainly industrial cleaning technology. Exclusively recycled CO2 (carbon dioxide) in solid form is used as blast medium. The dry-ice particles are - accelerated by compressed air - blasted against the object to be processed, after which the pollution falls off the object in pure form. After impact of the dry ice particle the composition changes from solid CO2 to CO2-gas.
Impact, thermal power and sublimation are the specific qualities of dry ice blasting.

The blasting with dry ice is next to blasting with CO2-gas and liquid CO2 (-30°C), the softest non-abrasive form of blasting. There are various forms of dry ice blasting:
  • Socalled dusting with dry ice, for delicate work.
  • Regular dry ice blasting and high pressure dry ice blasting.
There are several manufacturers of dry ice blasting machines. There are entry machines with simple nozzles and hard industrial machines with specially designed nozzles. There is an essential difference between these machines and the final results achieved.

Forms of blasting with ice(-water), sand, soda, nut shells, etc. are types of the so-called classical rays. These methods leave cross contamination behind. Depending on the object to blast each method has its own separate qualities.
There are machines that dry ice will be added as additional blasting medium because of the specific qualities of dry ice. These qualities are strength and thermal sublimation of the dry ice particle.

Source: ColdBlast

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