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Toothed synthetic belt (thermoplastic polyurethane, TPU)

Extruded thermoplastic polyurethane with toothing on the backside. Driven by chain sprocket or drum motor with toothed vulcanized rubber coating.

Figure 7. Example of toothed synthetic belt.

Function Uniform extruded polyurethane without textile reinforcement or joints, which is a hygiene advantage. The belt runs straight, up or down. The belt is cut and wear resistant, and anti-microbial substances can be cast into the material. The belt must be food approved.
Construction The belt is designed to run on the same constructions as jointed modular belts. The belt requires no initial tension or tensioning.
Cleanability The belt is very easy to clean. Cleaning can be carried out manually or automatically through CIP (Cleaning In Place), i.e. nozzle cleaning with screening of the area to prevent the spread of dirt. Make sure that the proper types of nozzles are used.

Belt lift can be used if the construction is not sufficiently open.
Service/maintenance The belt must engage correctly with the drive drum to avoid slippage.


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