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Mixing and Suspending

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 Jetstream Mixer
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One of the most important demands facing all processing companies is that of flexibility.

Production must be able to make a wide range of different products, and develop new products, according to the varying demands of customers as well as their order book. Conventional processing and production facilities mainly use specialised and task oriented machines that do not give the necessary flexibility. A stirrer is not able to disperse and emulsify. A disperser, which involves high shear energy, may destroy the structure of many products. Different geometries of mixing tools are required depending on the viscosity and mixing process requirements. A "single task" machine can never cover the whole range of needs. The Multipurpose Machine
offers all these options. With a few modifications, the machine can be changed from a low shear mixer to a disperser with fine or coarse dispersing characteristics. The machine consists of a drive, a mixing shaft, a stator tube and a single or double mechanical seal. The mixing and dispersing tools are easily clamped or screwed onto the stator tube and shaft. A special version for sterile operation manufactured according to GMP standards is available as well. No moving parts are operator accessible, which improves safety during operation of the machine. The following mixing and dispersing heads can be attached to the shaft-stator-combination.

Jetstream Mixer

The Jetstream mixer is an ideal tool for homogenous mixing and suspending. A fast spinning rotor creates a vertical flow of liquid within a stator which is directed towards the bottom of the tank. When the "Jet" hits the bottom, the flow divides into two streams, which are deflected upwards to mix the whole batch. Mixing the product does not induct air either by vortexing or by the mixing shaft itself. All vessel contents, whether high or low viscosity, are mixed homogeneously and product transfer occurs over all liquid strata in the vessel. Unlike conventional mixing systems the product mass does not rotate in the vessel so no baffles are required in the tank. Heavy sediments are suspended and homogeneously distributed without strong turbulence. Jet mixers reduce heat input to the product, 99% of the energy is transferred directly into motion.


Similar to the Jetstream mixer, a high-speed rotor creates a liquid stream but, this time, in two different directions. A partial vertical stream is directed to the bottom of the vessel where it is reflected and causes strong turbulence in the whole vessel, as with the Jetstream. The second partial stream is redirected horizontally and forced to pass through the dispersing zone of the Dispermix head. The patented (Ystral) Dispermix head works according to the principle of a rotor-stator system and produces good mixing in the vessel as well as providing particle size reduction of solids and agglomerates, or it can emulsify fast swelling powders such as CMC or Xanthan.

Batch Disperser

A single-stage or multistage combination of rotor-stator systems with a narrow radial gap results in a continuous, pulsing flow of the liquid with high turbulence. The product is forced through the rotor-stator system where the inner rotor ring accelerates the product to maximum speed. The stator reduces the speed of the product to zero and then the next rotor ring again accelerates it. This results in very effective particle size reduction and an homogenous distribution of the particles in the liquid product. This tool is used when producing an emulsion with a very narrow droplet size spectrum or for an agglomerate-free pigment suspension by the wet grinding effect of the dispersing head

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