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MICROPEENŽ treatment of metal surface

The MICROPEEN® treatment is a method by which the metal surface is hammered with spherical glass beads. The process occurs under fully controlled conditions. The surface is uniformly treated till saturation. Depending on the chosen process conditions the surface of the treated metal is becoming clean, smooth and harder, while a compressive stress is built up in a thin surface layer. This results in better non-stick proporties and improved heat transfer while the stress corrosion susceptibility diminishes considerably.

The special MICROPEEN® - equipment of our company is constructed in such a way, that the environment is absolutely not affected.

The CTB Pernis MICROPEEN® treatment results in:
  • clean metal surface
  • non-stick metal surface
  • no impact on environment
  • compressive stresses in the outer layer of the metal surface
  • improved fatigue resistance
  • increased hardness and wear resistance
  • improved resistance against the initiation of stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue

The MICROPEEN® treatment is a cost-saving process.

For more information: CTB Holland BV

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