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fluidity.nonstop Oil, fat, sauce and mayonnaise


high viscosity

very heat sensitive

prone to ‘setting’

High volumes and lower margins tend to typify this area. The secret is to optimize system design from the outset with minimal excess pipework, efficient CIP provision and as little as possible to prevent uninterrupted, high volume processing of a quality product.

Few areas in food production can be as subject to the laws of Newtonian fluid dynamics as this. Careless processing, excess speed or inexact ingredient distribution can all lead to major product losses. Understanding how fluids behave under pressure can save money.

Producing to price concentrates the mind. Look at every possible area for achieving savings without loss of quality. Consistent performance from all components allows you to operate within much tighter margins and to minimize costly over-compensation.  
  Not all processing is high volume. Niche products, in turn, require flexibility in the process line.

fluidity.nonstop in margarine production
A typical margarine production line may contain all or some of the following components.

Prolonged exposure to heat can ruin a complete production run.

Predictable crystallization and plasticization.

Total reproducibility is vital, especially in high volume production.

Maintaining product homogeneity throughout is essential.

Easy cleanability reduces changeover and maintenance time.

Wastewater treatment forms an integral part of many applications in food processing. Our solutions may include a combination of progressive cavity pumps, AODD pumps, hose pumps, mixers, filters, grinders and munchers.

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