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Animal feeds

The compound feed industry consists of two distinct sectors: animal feeds and pet foods. Animal feeds are predominantly dry, while pet foods often have a significant moisture content. In both sectors, the manufacturing process involves the blending of a range of ingredients such as cereals, protein sources, vitamins, minerals, fats and oils to produce nutritionally balanced foods.

By far the most important moist pet food ranges are those for dogs and cats. These foods are classified according to moisture, packaging and processing systems, and include moist foods and semi-moist foods. Although moist foods currently comprise a major portion of the UK market, semi-moist foods are becoming increasingly popular. Moist foods have a moisture content of 60 to 85 % and are usually preserved by heating. The heat treatment may be applied before or after packaging. Moist foods can be subdivided into canned foods, premium moist foods, brawns and frozen meats.

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