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Wheat starch process

The commercial separation of pure starch from wheat is achieved by a two phase process. In the first phase, the wheat kernel is ground or converted into wheat flour by a dry milling process.

The second phase then separates the ground wheat or the wheat flour into its separte components (starch, gluten, solubles, fibre) by a wet separation process. The process is operated as an enclosed system in which process water is recycled in a closed circuit. The addition of fresh water is linked to a few points in the process.

User comments

2009-01-08 21:23:44

Name: P Mizban
As a producer of wheat starch I am deeply concerned on practical method of fortifying weak wheat flour not to disintegrate in the trommel,using either potassium bromate or ascorbic acid or enzymes.I am already using hard water saturated with gypsum.Recyclying water from separator disintegrates wheat dough preseumably due to lack of oxygen,which means great volume of water to be used with uncontrollable sewage problem. What is your recommendations.I most welcome technical discussion on wheat starch technology. Rgards/P Mizban

2009-10-26 23:33:37

Name: Wajid Abdullah
just queiious about your starch production process? Do you prdouce vital Gluten also and if do what is your recovery in % terms. If you do not have water shortage problem then the water can be used for agriculture land and will give better results. But recyling water is wise and beifical for times 2 cum...

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