Sollich KG

Siemensstraße 17-23
32105 Bad Salzuflen

Phone: +49(0)5222 950-0
Fax: +49(0)5222 950-300
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Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Pump valves
Fondant and caramel-enrobing machines
Cooling belts
Breaking drum (tumbler)
Cooling tunnels
Depositing plants for hard and soft caramels
Extruding equipment
Marshmallow depositors
Depositors and moulders
Longitudinal and lateral cutting machines
Batch mixing equipment
Continuous mixing equipment
Cracknel manufacturing plants
Sifting and classifying machines
Laboratory equipment
Finishing machines
Chocolate tanks
Tablet and bar take-off and feeding systems
Tablet and bar buffer storage systems
Praline centre manufacturing machines
Praline paste forming machines
Cutting equipment
Depositing machines
Nougat paste tempering and aerating plants
Nut cluster plants
Chocolate extrusion equipment (mesh and stick extruders)
Enrobing plants
Chocolate pumps
Chocolate spraying plants
Decorating equipment
Sprinkling equipment
Cooling and heating tunnels
Single piece confectionery and bar take-off systems
De-tempering equipment
Tempering machines and heat exchangers
Aerating plants
One-shot depositing plants
Enrobing machines
Cutters and choppers
Biscuit and wafer filling machines
Glazing and drying plants for sugar coating
Caramel enrobing plants for biscuits and wafers
Enrobing and coating machines for extruded products
Cereals cooling machines
Cereals transport and handling systems
Metering and scaling of raw materials
Batch mixers
Cutting and forming machines
Ice-cream cutting machines