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SMI produces secondary packaging machines, such as shrinkwrappers, cardboard sleeve multipackers, wrap-around case packers, tray packers and combined machines. Through its divisions SMILINE and SMIFORM, SMI also deals with the manufacturing and marketing of conveyors and rotary stretch blow moulders for plastic containers.

Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Production of packaging and packaging components, preparing the package and feeding to the packaging machine
Machines for the production of bottles, jerry cans or other containers from granular material (for use at the packing site)
Machines for the production of thermoformed or cold formed packaging (for use at the packing site)
Air cleaning machine
Unpacking, emptying and depalletizing machines
Product sorting and feeding machines
Carton and case filling machines
Packaging of packaged products
Wraparound case/tray packing machine (partly wrapped)
Shrinkwrapping machine (partly wrapped)
Shrinkwrapping machine (fully wrapped)
Wrapping machine (fully wrapped, no shrinking)
Sealing machines for group and transit packs
Equipment for moving and arranging packs or packaging components during the packaging process (excluding industrial trucks)
Shrink ovens
Shrink tunnels
Containers for storage and transport
Pallet conveyors
Conveying and storage systems
Automation, data processing, open-loop and closed-loop
Bottle conveyors
Can conveyors
Casks conveyors
Soft pack and bag conveyors
Planning, consulting, work safety, services and trade associations
General planning services / general contractors
Process control
Centralised process control
Process automation
Data acquisition, preparation and processing
Hardware and software
IT solutions for logistics and distribution
Blow-moulding plant
Single-stage systems (stretch blow moulding)
Two-stage systems (stretch blow moulding)
Moulds and tools for the production of pre-forms
Moulds and tools for the production of plastic containers
Complete lines - Primary packaging
Complete lines - Secondary packaging
Erecting machines for cartons and folded boxes