Sidel S.A.S.

Avenue de la Patrouille de France
76053 Le Havre Cedex Octeville sur Mer

Post address
PO Box 204
76053 F- Le Havre Cedex Octeville sur Mer

Phone: +33 2 32 85 86 87
Fax: +33 2 32 85 81 00
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Part of the Tetra Laval Group and thanks to a world wide coverage, Sidel's commitment extends from the design of bottles to the supply of complete bottling lines for beer and all food liquids in plastic, glass and can packages.

Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Production of packaging and packaging components, preparing the package and feeding to the packaging machine
Machines for the production of thermoformed or cold formed packaging (for use at the packing site)
Machines for sorting, erecting and feeding packaging
Machines for cleaning, sterilising and drying packs and packaging components
Air cleaning machine
Bottle or vial washing machine
Unpacking, emptying and depalletizing machines
Folded container fill and seal machine for piece goods
Aseptic filling machine
Carton and case filling machines
Bottle filling machine
Closing and sealing machines
Packaging of packaged products
Wraparound case/tray packing machine (partly wrapped)
Wrapping machine (fully wrapped, no shrinking)
Labelling machines
Wet glue labelling machine
Pre-gummed label applicator
Capsuling machine
Pallet conveyors
Conveying and storage systems
Laboratory equipment
Cleaning and disinfection systems (CIP)
Analysis, laboratory and checking equipment
Water treatment
Automation, data processing, open-loop and closed-loop
SIP (steam-in-place) plant and accessories
Filling level monitoring
Bottle conveyors
Can conveyors
Casks conveyors
Box and cases conveyors
Soft pack and bag conveyors
Conveyors for other containers
Planning, consulting, work safety, services and trade associations
General planning services / general contractors
Analytics, laboratory services
Installation, servicing, maintenance
Screw cap sealing machines
Empty bottle inspection
Seal checking
Wrap-around labelling machines (pre-labelling machines)
Crate and box labelling machines
Bottle inspection machines
Label placement checking
Conveyors for closures (caps, corks etc.)
Pallet storage magazines
Centralised process control
Process automation
Data acquisition, preparation and processing
Blow-moulding plant
Two-stage systems (stretch blow moulding)
Moulds and tools for the production of plastic containers