ROVEMA Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH

Industriestr. 1
35463 Fernwald

Phone: +(+49-6 41) 4 09-0
Fax: +(+49-6 41) 4 09-2 12
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Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Divider inserters
Gravimetric filling machine (filling by weight)
Volumetric filling machine
Count filling machine
Filling and sealing machines for bags and folded containers
Tubular bag forming machine
Bag sealing machine
Machine for filling under clean-room conditions
MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) machine
CAP (controlled atmosphere packaging) machine
Sack and jumbo bag filling machines
Unlined carton filling machine
Bag sealing machine
Carton sealing machine
Case or tray loading machine
Carton packing machine
Machines for filling bags and sacks to form group packs
Packing machines for group and transit packs
Drop packing machine
Horizontal packing machine
Sealing machines for group and transit packs
Equipment for adding or sealing components to packs (e.g. tear tape, pouring spouts or carrying handles)
Equipment for adding free gifts and product information to packs
Equipment for moving and arranging packs or packaging components during the packaging process (excluding industrial trucks)
Folding boxes
Consultancy, Packaging
Contract packaging and finishing
Independent consultancy for planning, delivery and commissioning of packaging and the integration of packaging machinery into packaging lines
Complete lines - Primary packaging
Complete lines - Secondary packaging
Erecting machines for cartons and cases
Erecting machines for cartons and folded boxes
Quadratic form packagings
Splicer for packaging material