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NORIT Process Technology is an integrated manager of systems and projects in the beverage industry, with a focus on membrane applications. NORIT is market leader on kieselguhr-free beer membrane filtration. For all these kind of products NORIT delivers the technology and operates as a turnkey supplier. Our service ranges are from consultancy, project management, engineering, prefabrication and automation to installation on site, commissioning and training as well as standard "plug and play" process units.

Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Cleaning and disinfection systems (CIP)
Soft drinks, lemonades
Homogenisation plants
Pasteurising plants
Brewing house equipment
Yeast production
Storage and transport-wet
Separation techniques
Automation, data processing, open-loop and closed-loop
Plant, machinery and equipment for homogenising, mixing and agitating
Planning, consulting, work safety, services and trade associations
General planning services / general contractors
Project planning and engineering
Membrane filters
Plant for heat treatment of products before filling
Flash heat treatment plant
Wort heaters
Yeast treatment, fermentation and lagering
Beer de-alcoholisation plant
Process automation
Continuous homogenising