Meurer Verpackungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG

Von-Tambach-Str. 3-5
49584 Fürstenau

Post address
PO Box 1262
49579 Fürstenau

Phone: +05901-9550
Fax: +05901-955100
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- Einschlagmaschinen
- Einwickelmaschinen
- Folienschweißgeräte
- Folienverpackungsanlagen
- Förderanlagen für Flaschen
- Förderanlagen für Paletten
- Förderanlagen für Kästen, Kartons
- Förderanlagen für Dosen
- Förderbänder
- Kartoniermaschinen
- Karton

Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Tubular bag forming machine
Carton sealing machine
Case or tray loading machine
Carton packing machine
Machines that form a partial wrap
Wrapping machines for large products
Machines for applying film for shrink wrapping (Shrink wrapping machines)
Wrapping machine (fully wrapped)
Wrapping machine (large products)
Kraft paper bundling machine or wraparound case packing machine
Wraparound case/tray packing machine (partly wrapped)
Shrinkwrapping machine (partly wrapped)
Wrapping machine (partly wrapped, no shrinking)
Shrinkwrapping machine (fully wrapped)
Wrapping machine (fully wrapped, no shrinking)
Sealing machines for group and transit packs
Bundling machines by film wrapping
Palletizer for cases and other rectangular products
Equipment for adding or sealing components to packs (e.g. tear tape, pouring spouts or carrying handles)
Equipment for pasteurizing and sterilizing packed products
Equipment for moving and arranging packs or packaging components during the packaging process (excluding industrial trucks)
Storage containers for products and packed products
Shrink tunnels
Erecting machines for cartons and cases