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315722 Ningbo Xiangshan

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LEHUI is a world-famous manufacturer of brewery equipment and stainless steel vessels. We provide mash tun, rice cooker, lauter tun, wort kettle, whirlpoor, complete brewhouse & automation system. We provide fermenter, BBT, yeast propagation/storage system, CIP system, tank top device, etc. We also provide turnkey service for a complete brewery.

Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Pre-made bag fill and seal machine for liquids and pastes
Aseptic filling machine
Bottle filling machine for piece goods
Heating, cooling
Brewing house equipment
Yeast production
Radial flow centrifugal pump
Lobe pump
Pipe evaporators
Plate evaporators
Ice storage systems
Ultra-high-temperature (UHT) heat treatment plant
Lautering plant
Yeast treatment, fermentation and lagering
Yeast metering installations
Fermentation tuns and similar containers
Mash tuns
Lautering tuns