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Krones - a global force for filling and packaging technology - develops and manufactures innovative packaging equipment and systems and provides extensive service support.

Founded in 1966, Krones, Inc., a subsidiary of Krones AG, serves the United States, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean.

We provide customers with customized engineering, parts manufacturing, and after-sales support from our headquarters in Franklin, Wisconsin.

Our goal is to ensure our customers of maximum productivity, based on the excellence of our products and support operations.

Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Production of packaging and packaging components, preparing the package and feeding to the packaging machine
Machines for the production of thermoformed or cold formed packaging (for use at the packing site)
Divider inserters
Depalletizer for packaging
De-stacker for packaging
Machines for sorting, erecting and feeding packaging
Machines for cleaning, sterilising and drying packs and packaging components
Air cleaning machine
Bottle or vial washing machine
Bottle washing machine
Crate washing machine
Pasteurizing and sterilizing machines for packs and packaging components
Machines for printing prefabricated packaging before packaging
Machines for the assembly of packaging and packaging components (e.g. dosing pumps, syringes) at the packing site
Unpacking, emptying and depalletizing machines
Count filling machine
Mixing machine for liquid products
Carbonating equipment (for adding carbon dioxide to drinks)
Folded container fill and seal machine for piece goods
Aseptic filling machine
Machine for filling under clean-room conditions
Carton and case filling machines
Unlined carton filling machine
Can filling machine
Bottle filling machine
Closing and sealing machines
Bottle closing machine
Carton packing machine
Machines for applying film for shrink wrapping (Shrink wrapping machines)
Packaging of packaged products
Kraft paper bundling machine or wraparound case packing machine
Wraparound case/tray packing machine (partly wrapped)
Shrinkwrapping machine (partly wrapped)
Wrapping machine (partly wrapped, no shrinking)
Shrinkwrapping machine (fully wrapped)
Wrapping machine (fully wrapped, no shrinking)
Sealing machines for group and transit packs
Palletizing machines
Bottle or can palletizer
Crate palletizer
Palletizer for cases and other rectangular products
Labelling machines
Wet glue labelling machine
Pressure sensitive labelling machine
Pre-gummed label applicator
Capsuling machine
Shrink sleeving machine
Other test and monitoring equipment
Coding and marking equipment
Equipment for pasteurizing and sterilizing packed products
Equipment for moving and arranging packs or packaging components during the packaging process (excluding industrial trucks)
Storage containers for products and packed products
Shrink tunnels
Folding boxes
Adhesives and glues
Consultancy, Packaging
Pallet conveyors
Conveying and storage systems
Cleaning and disinfection systems (CIP)
Software solutions for the packaging industry
Independent consultancy for planning, delivery and commissioning of packaging and the integration of packaging machinery into packaging lines
Membrane systems
Heating, cooling
Soft drinks, lemonades
Homogenisation plants
Carbonation plant
Cooling and heating plants
Malting facilities
Mixing plants
Pasteurising plants
Brewing house equipment
Yeast production
Storage and transport-wet
Separation techniques
Filter aids
Gas supplies
Automation, data processing, open-loop and closed-loop
Wet milling
Dry milling
Plate evaporators
Wort boiling plant
Wort chillers
Carbon dioxide generation plant
Filling level monitoring
Bottle conveyors
Can conveyors
Casks conveyors
Box and cases conveyors
Conveyors for other containers
Order picking plant and warehousing systems (for individual products)
Heat recovery plant
Process water supply plant
Industrial water supply plant
Environmental protection
Vapour condensation
Plant, machinery and equipment for homogenising, mixing and agitating
Gassing and metering equipment for inert gas
Sugar treatment and sugaring equipment
Planning, consulting, work safety, services and trade associations
General planning services / general contractors
Project planning and engineering
Analytics, laboratory services
Installation, servicing, maintenance
Horizontal and cartridge filters
Cross-flow micro-filtration
Metering equipment
Evaporators and concentrators
Plant for heat treatment of products before filling
Flash heat treatment plant
Ultra-high-temperature (UHT) heat treatment plant
Plant for heat treatment of products after filling
Tunnel pasteurisers
Crown cork sealing machines
Screw cap sealing machines
Corking machines
Barley steeping
Systems for heat recovery from boiling vapours
Organic lactic acid systems
Raw grain boilers
Lautering plant
Presettling tanks, first wort and final wort collecting tanks
Hops feeding equipment and metering installations
Wort finishing tanks
Wort heaters
Yeast treatment, fermentation and lagering
Yeast metering installations
Cold wort treatment
Fermentation tuns and similar containers
Mash tuns
Mash-in equipment – mash-in tanks – mash-in worms
Empty bottle inspection
Seal checking
Wrap-around labelling machines (pre-labelling machines)
Cask labelling machines
Crate and box labelling machines
Bottle inspection machines
Bottle sorting plant
Crate checking and sorting
Cask, keg and can checking
Pallet checking
Label placement checking
Pallet storage magazines
Crate storage magazines
Lautering tuns
Mash strainers
Other lautering systems
Process control
Centralised process control
Process automation
Data acquisition, preparation and processing
Hardware and software
IT solutions for logistics and distribution
Two-stage systems (stretch blow moulding)
Moulds and tools for the production of plastic containers
Plant and machinery for recycling plastic containers and closures
Sorting and separating plant
Complete recycling systems for plastic containers and closures
Batch homogenising
Continuous homogenising
Batch mixing
Continuous mixing
Plant and machinery for the production and processing of paste-like and liquid foods