IMA S.p.A.

Via Emilia, 428-442
40064 Ozzano Emilia / Bologna

Phone: +(+39-0 51) 6 51 41 1
Fax: +(+39-0 51) 6 51 46 1

Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Depalletizer for packaging
Machines for sorting, erecting and feeding packaging
Air cleaning machine
Rinsing machine
Bottle or vial washing machine
Bottle washing machine
Pasteurizing and sterilizing machines for packs and packaging components
Drum emptying machine
Volumetric filling machine
Washing machines for products (e.g. for fruit or salad)
Bag sealing machine
Aseptic filling machine
Machine for filling under clean-room conditions
MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) machine
Cup/tub fill and seal machine
Blister form, fill and seal machine
Tube filling machine
Vial or low volume bottle filling machine
Ampoule filling machine
Bottle filling machine
Tube sealing machine
Ampoule closing machine
Bottle closing machine
Carton packing machine
Machines that form a partial wrap
Wrapping machines for large products
Wrapping machine (fully wrapped)
Banding machine
Kraft paper bundling machine or wraparound case packing machine
Wrapping machine (partly wrapped, no shrinking)
Wrapping machine (fully wrapped, no shrinking)
Packing machines for group and transit packs
Bundling machines by film wrapping
Bundling machines by banding or strapping
Palletizer for cases and other rectangular products
Robot palletizer
Pressure sensitive labelling machine
Foreign body detecting machine
Equipment for detecting damage to products and packs
Equipment for checking product and pack orientation
Equipment for pasteurizing and sterilizing packed products
Shrink tunnels
Decoration for packs
Granulating machines
Metering and scaling of raw materials
Cleaning and disinfection systems (CIP)
Metering and mixing systems
Dragee pans
Cleaning machines for containers
Perforated horizontal coating systems/coaters
Mix- and Granulating machines
Tablet presses
Containers for the loading or emptying of granulating machines, tablet presses, dragee machines etc.
Enrobing plants
Chocolate spraying plants
Complete lines - Primary packaging
Complete lines - Secondary packaging