Gasner GmbH, Verschlu▀- und Preform-Beschickungsanlagen

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Verschluß-Beschickungsanlagen, PET-Preform Beschickungsanlagen / Cap Feeding Systems: Magnetic Belt Conveyors for crowns, Pneumatical Feeding for plastic caps, Bucket Elevators for all kind of caps, Sorting and Orientation Units for TwistOff caps and other closures. Oriented Feeding of Flatcaps and Push Pull with DynaSorts. PET-Preform Feeding Systems: Preform Orientators (Unscrambler), Container Emptying Devices

Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Production of packaging and packaging components, preparing the package and feeding to the packaging machine
Machines for the production of thermoformed or cold formed packaging (for use at the packing site)
Machines for sorting, erecting and feeding packaging
Other test and monitoring equipment
Conveying and storage systems
Conveyors for closures (caps, corks etc.)
Other machines and accessories for the production of pre-forms and plastic containers