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Derusting was the motto of the founders of the enterprise in 1953. Initially electrochemical derusting processes as well as the hydrous derusting by means of phosphoric acid formed the centre of our activities.
Taking the statement even “stainless steel rusts” into account, we started soon dealing with the surface treatment of stainless steel. Derustit developed into one of the today's leading specialists for the chemical and electrochemical surface treatment of stainless steel.
It is our task to offer optimal solutions for surface problems, which can result from the handling of this material to the firms who process stainless steel or operate installations made of this material. It is not only the optical appearance and the increased corrosion resistance which is emphasised but also the improvement of the functional characteristics of the stainless steel surfaces.
Our activities comprise:
· Pickling of stainless steel, in licensed firms as also in your firm or onsite.
· Electropolishing of stainless steel on-site & of-site.
· Grinding and polishing of stainless steel on-site & of-side.
· Reconditioning of stainless steel on-site & of-site.
· Production of pickling and cleaning chemicals for austenitic CrNi steels, special alloys and aluminium.
· Planning and installation of complete pickling plants as well as all facilities related to environmental protection.
· Planning and delivery of electropolishing installations for stainless steel and non-ferrous metals including the electrolytes required.
· Production of industrial chemicals for cleaning and conservation of metals.
· Advice on all questions relating to the surface treatment of stainless steel.

New by Derustit: ICE BLAST a new blast technology in wich ice crystals made from water are used as the blast media, as contrast to the other types utilizing dry ice pellets made from liquid carbon dioxide. ICE BLAST is used for Industrial cleaning/Production cleaning/Environmental cleaning/Ship cleaning on-site & of-site