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Today, CEROBEAR is the leading manufacturer of ceramic rolling bearings and a pioneer in rolling bearing technology. Ceramic rolling bearings are a key product for industries and processes with extreme requirements such as the semiconductor and aerospace industries as well as motor sports.

The demand for germfree production processes in the food and packaging industry becomes increasingly louder. The trend to PET- or rather PP- and HDPE packaging in the beverage industry is still growing and therefore makes aseptic filling methods indispensable.

Since the necessary grease- or rather oil lubricant of standard bearings should not lead to contamination of the process room, hence the food, become rolling bearings quickly the centre of attention. Furthermore, leaks in steel bearings not only lead to loss of lubrication, thus a breakdown of the bearing, but also to an increase in germ formation. The open bearing option of CEROBEAR rolling bearings makes the cleaning and disinfecting of the bearings through superheated steam and for example acetic acid connections possible and the demand for sterility is fulfilled.

CEROBEAR rolling bearings are ideal for
  • lubrication with process media in dry running conditions,
  • in aseptic usage and
  • under clean room conditions
as well as in many other applications in which steel bearings under increasing demands are no longer adequate enough.