Bosch GmbH, Robert, Packaging Technology Division

Stuttgarter Strasse 130
71332 Waiblingen

Phone: ++49(711)811-0
Fax: ++49(711)811-45000
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Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Machines for sorting, erecting and feeding packaging
Bottle or vial washing machine
Gravimetric filling machine (filling by weight)
Volumetric filling machine
Product moulding machines for piece goods
Product sorting and feeding machines
Filling and sealing machines for bags and folded containers
Reel fed pre-made bag fill and seal machine
Tubular bag forming machine
Bag sealing machine
Bag sewing machine
Aseptic filling machine
Machine for filling under clean-room conditions
MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) machine
CAP (controlled atmosphere packaging) machine
Vacuum packing machine
Sack and jumbo bag filling machines
Unlined carton filling machine
Cup/tub fill and seal machine
Blister form, fill and seal machine
Vial or low volume bottle filling machine
Ampoule filling machine
Can filling machine
Bottle filling machine
Carton sealing machine
Can seamer
Ampoule closing machine
Bottle closing machine
Case or tray loading machine
Machine for inserting products into thermoformed containers (e.g. retail blister packs)
Carton packing machine
Kraft paper bundling machine or wraparound case packing machine
Packing machines for group and transit packs
Drop packing machine
Sealing machines for group and transit packs
Palletizer for cases and other rectangular products
Robot palletizer
Filling height detection machine
Equipment for detecting damage to products and packs
Equipment for checking product and pack orientation
Equipment for attaching information to packs
Other test and monitoring equipment
Equipment for adding or sealing components to packs (e.g. tear tape, pouring spouts or carrying handles)
Folding boxes
Liquorice confectionery plants
Cooling belts
Metering and scaling of raw materials
Cutting and wrapping machines
Pre-dissolving and cooking machines
Batch cookers
Cooking, tempering and metering equipment for centre filling materials
Rope forming and sizing machines
Extruder (mixing, forming and centre filling extruder)
Cut and wrap machines
Post forming rolling station
Continuous cookers
Tempering units
Tempering belts
Tempering cylinders
Metering and mixing unit
Sugar pulling machines batch operation
Sugar pulling machines continuous operation
Aerating units
Aerating units continuous operation
Plastic forming lines for hard and soft caramels
Batch cookers
Continuous cookers
Metering and mixing units
Extruding equipment (Cooking extruders)
Batch cookers
Continuous cookers
Aerating units batch operation
Aerating units continuous operation
Extruding equipment
Batch cookers
Continuous cookers
Beating machines
Metering, mixing and tempering units
Depositors and moulders
Batch cookers
Continuous cookers
Batch operation aerating machines
Continuous operating aerating machines
Longitudinal and lateral cutting machines
Batch mixing equipment
Continuous mixing equipment
Cracknel manufacturing plants
Cleaning and disinfection systems (CIP)
Metering and mixing systems
Machines for manufacturing slurries/syrup for coating of extrudates
Machines for manufacturing slurries/syrup for coating of extrudates
Complete lines - Primary packaging
Complete lines - Secondary packaging
Erecting machines for cartons and cases
Erecting machines for cartons and folded boxes
Quadratic form packagings