ANTICORO Bábik Josef s.r.o.

Vacenovice 81
06 Vacenovice
Czech Republic

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Development, manufacture and export of beer production equipment, incl. technology consulting. Brewing vessels, bottling lines, incl. bottle washers, pasteurizers, crate washers, conveyors, loaders & unloaders, keg washing and filling lines.

Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Machines for cleaning, sterilising and drying packs and packaging components
Bottle or vial washing machine
Washers for barrels, kegs and similar containers
Crate washing machine
Cask/keg filling machine
Cask/keg filling machine for liquids and pastes
Conveying and storage systems
Cleaning and disinfection systems (CIP)
Small-scale breweries
Brewing house equipment
Yeast production
Wort boiling plant
Bottle conveyors
Casks conveyors
Spent grain transportation, storage and drying
Lautering plant
Presettling tanks, first wort and final wort collecting tanks
Wort finishing tanks
Wort heaters
Yeast treatment, fermentation and lagering
Yeast metering installations
Mash tuns
Lautering tuns