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Anaspec Solutions is the first choice distributor of our factories Alliance Instruments, Q-Interline, Behr, Microtrac, Occhio and Sequip for the Netherlands. The added value of Anaspec Solutions is on the level of application support and services without compromising flexibility. As a dynamic company Anaspec Solutions has been established to ensure better customer-oriented solutions to be taken. Our spacious 15 years experience in the laboratory but in the process is a major advantage.

Our solutions, such as our name suggests accompanied by wet chemistry, primary techniques to specialist instrumental techniques, for both the laboratory as the process.
With right from A to Z.

Our factories:

Alliance Instruments (
Alliance Instruments, Ysebaert part of the group, with other products such as Infrared filter technique, continuous flow analysis and specific dairy applications one of the biggest players in the segments environment, food and milk. Great since 1987 by flexibility and product applications. See in one glance all existing applications.

Q-Interline A/S (
More than 30 years of experience have led to the most stable and robust FTNIR spectrophotometer on the world. The heart of the spectrometer, the patented 'Wishbone' interferometer by the factory ABB (former Bomem) beginning 70 years. The maintenance is only limited to the replacement of a NIR light and about 1 per 4 times a year laser. Our installed base with spectrometers over 15 years to satisfy the rigorous manufacturer.

Q-Interline as an innovative OEM partner of ABB for the food and dairy industry developed continuously new accessories. Some examples are the Powerport and QFAfocus and for the process on the Teflon-based sampling techniques.

Behr Labor-Technik GmbH (
Behr Labor-Technik is characterized by almost 50 years experience in development, production and sale of laboratory equipment. The family has grown into a dynamic company of international allure. This has led to several unique developments, with flexibility still stands.
The products are having worldwide reputation on quality, reliability and practical aspect.
Behr Labor `s main activity is the production of natchemische or primary techniques for environment and food industry. Today, the company Behr Labor one of the major names of Europe for water, sewage and sludge analysis. The product lines range from the compact profitable lines as a fully automated systems, according to internationally recognized procedures, such as DIN and ISO.

Microtrac Inc. (
Since 1972, Microtrac, the founder of the laser diffraction technique, not just a series of technologically advanced products on the market, but also many significant developments in the field of light. These developments have led to extremely robust, compact and maintainability analysis. The used solid state lasers in our patented 'Tri laser' technology need never be replaced.
Microtrac this is a global player with the best technology, both for your meals and vloeistofapplicaties.

Occhio (
Occhio superior in the particle size and shape provision is a young plant with surprising solutions for morphological aspects. Correlation with a zeefanalyse is no problem for these systems. In collaboration with Occhio is also software from our MTS Online image analyser.

Sequip GmbH (
Since 1989 has our team inline and online concepts and solutions offered in the field of deeltjeskarakterisering. The 2D and 3D ORM analysers continuously measure the particle size distribution, which the Particle Image Analysers even form (also called Imaging of Morphology) displays.

3D ORM, including the Particle Image Analysers are the world's first methods, which suggests the user is responsible for several broad groups of the particle size in real time to measure with only one sensor. In cooperation with the factory Occhio Callisto is the software developed.

The company's products are for helping on a continuous basis to optimize your product, which substantially time and costs will be saved.

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