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Chocolate moulding lines for production of all conceivable products with capacities from 100 kg per hour up to approx. 10 tons per hour. Both the chain line and the loose moulding line concepts are available.

On both types of lines we offer three types of shell making systems:
  • The Patented FrozenCone® system producing shells with weight accuracy and design beyond imagination. This system has been developed by Aasted-Mikroverk's Research and Development Department and is patented worldwide.
  • The one-shot system.
  • The traditional shell making system.
The production program also includes the Eriksen roller lines, belt depositing lines, tempering machines as well as auxiliary equipment for tempering machines.

Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Carton packing machine
Robot palletizer
Folding boxes
Pump valves
Forming extruders & co-extruders (also multicolours)
Filling extruders
Extruder (mixing, forming and centre filling extruder)
Continuous operating aerating machines
Electronic sorting machines
Conveying and storage systems
Laboratory equipment
Metering and mixing systems
Steel belt conveyors
Chocolate tanks
Tablet and bar take-off and feeding systems
Tablet and bar buffer storage systems
Praline paste forming machines
Depositing machines
Nougat paste tempering and aerating plants
Chocolate extrusion equipment (mesh and stick extruders)
Enrobing plants
Chocolate spraying plants
Decorating equipment
Sprinkling equipment
Cooling and heating tunnels
Single piece confectionery and bar take-off systems
Robotic take-off and feeding systems
De-tempering equipment
Tempering machines and heat exchangers
Aerating plants
Moulding plants
Hollow goods moulding plants
Moulds for solid and hollow goods moulding plants
One-shot depositing plants
Wire-cut and roll-out biscuit machines
Tunnel ovens
Biscuit and wafer filling machines
Co-extruder for filled products
Plants for extruded snacks
Cutting machines
Moulding machines
Depositing machines
Machines for filled/co-extruded products
Hot air driers/toasters