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Index page for: Lipid Oxidation Pathways

Table of Contents 1. The Challenging Contribution of Hydroperoxides to the Lipid Oxidation Mechanism2. Oxidation of Fish Lipids and Its Inhibition with Tocopherols3. Competitive Oxidation between a-Tocopherol and Unsaturated Fatty Acids at Thermoxidation Conditions4. Kinetic Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity in Lipid Oxidation5. Kinetic Analysis of b-Carotene Oxidation in a Lipid Solvent with or Without an Antioxidant6. Glycerophospholipid Core Aldehydes: Mechanism of Formation, Methods of Detection, Natural Occurrence, and Biological Significance7. Lipid Oxidation in Emulsions8. Oxidation in Dried Microencapsulated Oils9. Protein Alterations Due to Lipid Oxidation in Multiphase Systems10. Radical Formation in the Radiolysis of Starch and Lipid- Containing Starch