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Table of Contents PRINCIPLESIntroducing Microwave Processing of Food: Principles and TechnologiesDielectric Properties of FoodsMeasuring the Dielectric Properties of FoodsMicrowave Heating and the Dielectric Properties of FoodsMicrowave Processing, Nutritional and Sensory QualityAPPLICATIONSMicrowave Technology for Food Processing: An OverviewBaking Using Microwave ProcessingDrying Using Microwave ProcessingBlanching Using Microwave ProcessingThawing and Tempering Using Microwave ProcessingPackaging for Microwave FoodsMEASUREMENT AND PROCESS CONTROLMeasuring the Heating Performance of Microwave OvensMeasuring Temperature Distributions During Microwave ProcessingImproving Microwave Process ControlMaximizing Uniform Head Distribution in Microwave Heating