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Index page for: Handbook of Biosensors and Electronic Noses: Medicine, Food, and the Environment

Table of Contents Introduction to the HandbookBiosensors and Electronic Noses for Practical Applications, E. Kress-RogersReceptors, Membranes, and Devices for BiosensorsEnzymes, Cofactors, and Mediators, S.F. White and A.P.F. TurnerBioaffinity Agents for Sensing Systems, D.J. Newman, Y. Olabiran, and C.P. PriceProbes for Nucleic Acids and Biosensors, R.W. Titball and D.J. SquirrellMembranes to Improve Amperometric Sensor Characteristics, S.M. Reddy and P.M. VadgamaMicroelectronic Devices, A. GriselSurface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) for Biosensing, C.R. Lawrence and N.J. GeddesImmunosensors Based on Total Internal Reflection, R.P.H. Kooyman and L.M. LechugaAcoustic Devices, A. D'Amico, C. Di Natale, and E. VeronaMetabolism and Bioaffinity Sensors for Medicine, Food, and the EnvironmentMediated Amperometric Biosensors, S.F. White and A.P.F. TurnerCommercial Devices Based on Amperometric Biosensors, F.W. Scheller and D. PfeifferMicroelectronic Biosensors for Clinical Applications, G. UrbanCalorimetric Biosensors, S. Kr?ger and B. DanielssonMicrobial and Enzyme Sensors for Environmental Monitoring, C. Wittmann, K. Riedel, and R.D. SchmidBioaffinity Sensors for Environmental Monitoring, C. Wittmann and R.D. SchmidMonitoring Immunoreactions with SPR, N.J. Geddes and C.R. LawrenceFluorimetric Immunosensors, M. Wortberg, M. Orban, R. Renneberg, and K. CammannOn-Line and In Vivo Monitoring and ControlOptimized Biosensors in Clinical Applications, D. Moscone and M. MasciniBiosensors for Process Monitoring, U. Bilitewski and I. RohmFuzzy Logic in the Evaluation of Sensor Data, P.G. BerrieTowards the Electronic NoseMammalian Semiochemistry: Chemical Signalling between Mammals, E. AlboneSense of Smell: Signal Recognition and Transduction in Olfactory Receptor Neurons, H. BreerSemiconductor and Calorimetric Devices and Arrays, D. KohlArrays of Broad Specificity Films for Sensing Volatile Chemicals, K.C. Persaud and P.J. TraversSorbent Polymer Materials for Chemical Sensors and Arrays, J.W. Grate, M.H. Abraham, and R.A. McGillLipid-Coated Acoustic Devices for Odour Sensing, I. Karube, S.-M. Chang, S. Sasaki, and K. YokoyamaPattern Analysis Techniques, J.W. Gardner and E.L. HinesIndex