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Index page for: Improving the Safety of Fresh Meat

Table of Contents Part I - Identifying and Controlling Hazards on the Farm and Feedlot Biological Pathogens in Animals, T. Nesbakken Detecting Pathogens in Cattle and Meat, P.M. Fratamico, A. Gehring, J. Karns, and J. Van Kessel Detecting Animal Tissues in Feed and Feed Ingredients, M.J. MeyersPlant and Fungal Toxins as Contaminants of Feed and Meat, B.J. Blaney Detecting Veterinary Drug Residues in Feed and Cattle, S.J. Lehotay, K. Mastovska, and N. ThiexEnvironmental Contaminants and Pesticides in Animal Feed and Meat, J. Gilbert and H. Senyuva Controlling Microbial Contamination on the Farm: An Overview, M. Brashears, G. Loneragan, and S. Younts-Dahl The Use of Diet to Control Pathogens in Animals, F. Diez-Gonzalez Probiotics, Vaccines, and Other Interventions for Pathogen Control in Animals, T.R. Calloway, R.C. Anderson, T.S. Edrington, K.J. Genovese, T.L. Poole, R.B. Harvey, and D.J. NisbetManaging Pathogen Contamination on the Farm, K.E. BelkPart II - Identifying and Controlling Hazards During and After Slaughter Sources of Microbial Contaminations fat Slaughtering Plants, C.O. Gill Animal Welfare and Food Safety at the Slaughter Plant, T. Grandin Slaughter and Fabrication/Boning Processes and Procedures, J.A. Scanga Removal and Handling of BSE Specified Risk Material, G.C. Smith Removal of the Spinal Cord from Carcasses, A.V. Fisher and C.R. Helps Physical Decontamination Strategies for Meat, R.T. Bacon Chemical Decontamination Strategies for Meat, G.R. Acuff Carcass Chilling, J.D. Stopforth and J.N. Sofos Emerging Decontamination Techniques for Meat, D. Guan and D.G. Hoover Irradiation of Fresh Meat, J.S. Dickson Combining Physical and Chemical Decontamination Interventions for Meat, I. Geornaras and J.N. Sofos Fresh Meat Spoilage and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), G-J.E. Nychas and P.N. Skandamis Meat Safety, Refrigerated Storage and Transport: Modeling and Management, K. Koutsoumanis and P.S. Taoukis Meat Decontamination and Pathogen Stress Adaptation, J. SamelisMolecular Typing Methods for Tracking Pathogens, K.L. Hiett The Role of Quantitative Risk Assessment in Assessing and Managing Risks Related to Microbial Food Pathogens, G. DuffyHAACP in the Processing of Fresh Meat, C.O. Gill Microbiological Performance Objectives and Criteria, M.B. Cole and R.B. Tompkin HACCP in Slaughter Operations, D.A. McDowell, J.J. Sheridan, and D.J. Bolton Monitoring, Validating, and Verifying the Effectiveness of HACCP System, H. Thippareddi, E.A.E. Boyle, and D.E. Burson