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Table of Contents VOCABULARY OF FOOD QUALITY ASSURANCE IntroductionDefinitions and Explanation of TermsRecognized Experts in the Quality FieldReferencesOVERVIEW OF FOOD QUALITY AND FOOD SAFETYIntroductionScope of Food Quality and Food SafetyResponsibility for Food Quality and Food SafetyThe distinction between Food Quality and Food SafetyFood Safety as part of Food QualityFood QualitySystems and Programs for Food QualityFood SafetySystems and Programs for Food SafetyFood Laws and RegulationsEnforcement of Food Laws and RegulationsFood StandardsFood Quality, Food Safety and Good Manufacturing PracticesFood Safety and Hazards in FoodsFood Safety Hazards and Health RiskBiological Hazards in FoodsChemical Hazards in FoodsPhysical Hazards in FoodsOther Food Safety ConcernsReferencesQUALITY PROGRAMS AND QUALITY SYSYTEMS FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRYIntroductionThe distinction between Quality Programs and Quality SystemsQuality Control ProgramsQuality Assurance SystemsQuality Management SystemsTotal Quality ManagementRecognition Programs and Excellence ModelsQuality System StandardsThe ISO 9000 Quality System StandardsThe evolution of the ISO 9000 Quality System StandardsISO 9000:2000 Quality Management Systems - Fundamentals and VocabularyISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems - RequirementsISO 9004:2000 Quality Management Systems - Guidelines for Performance ImprovementsISO 9004:2000 and ISO 9004:2000 StandardsReferencesGOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES (GMPs) AND HACCP PREREQUISITE PROGRAMS IntroductionGMPs and Government RegulationsGMPs as Business Practice in the Food IndustryGMPs and HACCP Prerequisite ProgramsActivities Covered by GMPs and HACCP Prerequisite ProgramsGMPs, HACCP Prerequisite Programs, HACCP Systems, and Quality SystemsDevelopment and Implementation of GMPs and HACCP Prerequisite ProgramsHACCP Prerequisite Program Premises and FacilitiesHACCP Prerequisite Program Personnel Training, Hygiene and PracticesHACCP Prerequisite Program Sanitation and CleaningHACCP Prerequisite Program Pest ControlHACCP Prerequisite Program EquipmentHACCP Prerequisite Program Transportation, Receiving, Storage and ShippingHACCP Prerequisite Program Traceability and RecallHACCP Prerequisite Program Chemical ControlOther HACCP Prerequisite ProgramsProduction and Process ControlsMonitoring of GMPs and HACCP Prerequisite ProgramsReferencesTHE HACCP SYSTEM FOR FOOD SAFETYIntroductionEvolution of the HACCP SystemThe 7 HACCP Principles The HACCP System and HACCP PlansDevelopment and Implementation of a HACCP planThe Codex Alimentarius Logic Sequence for the Application of HACCPMaintenance of the HACCP SystemReferences