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Index page for: Phytochemicals: Nutrient-Gene Interactions

Table of Contents Nutrigenomics: Opportunities and Challenges, K. Kornman and C. FogartyGene-Diet Interactions, Blood Lipids, and Cardiovascular Disease Risk: The Rise of Nutrigenetics, J.M. OrdovasDiet-Disease Interactions at the Molecular Level: An Experimental Paradigm, J. KaputAnti-Inflammatory Phytochemicals: In Vitro and Ex Vivo Evaluation, M. LemayLipid Peroxidation, Gene Expression, and Resveratrol: Implications in Atherosclerosis, Ozgur Kutuk, Dilek Telci, and Huveyda BasagaAdipose Tissue Gene Expression in the Context of Inflammation and Obesity, P.A. KernGene-Environment Interactions in Obesity: Implications for the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity, L. P?russeSaturated Fat Consumption in Ancestral Human Diets: Implications for Contemporary Intakes, L. CordainPlant-Based Diets and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: Epidemiologic Evidence, F.B. HuEvolutionary Aspects of Diet, the Omega-6/Omega-3 Ratio, and Gene Expression, A.P. SimopoulosBeyond Fiber: Whole Grains and Health, J. SlavinMolecular Activities of Vitamin E, J.M. Zingg and A. Azzi